Should Fixing Online Betting Service Take 60 Steps?

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Is it very easy to win money from the bookies. Of course not, if it had been there would be no bookmakers and horse racing would be a gentle country pursuit. So is it the fun of the race, beautiful animals testing each others speed and grace or the idea of finding that ‘good thing’. If the sport itself is your main interest then there’s no better place than this country with its high class courses and races. But if the gamble is your interest then a 3/1 at Carlisle is as good as successful at exactly the same price at Ascot. You don’t have more for winning at a better course.

But back again to our main discourse and that’s racing tips. If everyone were to select their own tips then where will be the market for tipsters. Choosing the odd Yankee on a Saturday afternoon within the pub is unfortunately on the decline. There’s so much pressure on our time that many more people turn to professional tipsters because of their horse racing tips.

The national newspapers provide free horse tips but as statistics show those tipsters that have to pick a horse in every race have an unhealthy strike rate. In fact even yet in the naps competition few make any profit on the season. Some newspapers have tipsters that give horse racing tips selectively they are allowed to choose which races they provide tips. But again few make consistent profits.

When buying tipster that provides those all elusive winning horse racing tips several factors need to be taken into consideration. Two areas especially ought to be taken into account plus they are ‘expectation’ and ‘perception’ the initial pertains to yourself and the later to the tipping service.

Are you looking for fun, a second income or just the odd couple of wins. Most people will undoubtedly be looking for a second and even first income from betting, although in truth if their winnings are lower than expected they’ll say its just a little little bit of fun. So lets be honest and say you are looking for enough winnings to cover that extra holiday or new tv. Which means you need reliable horse racing tips from your tipping service.

If you go to your local electrical store and purchase a washing machine get it installed and try a family wash. But it does not work you have options. An engineer, new machine or credit note will eventually give you some kind of satisfaction. The racing service and their horse racing tips don’t come with a guarantee, even the best tipping services will most likely have more losing days than winning (particularly when ‘backing’ for winners as opposed to ‘laying’). You must remember its not about getting short-term gains its the long term profits that count.

What factors in the event you consider in choosing a betting service.


A betting service should always proof their horse racing ideas to a recognised proofing service or be able to prove they have actually placed bets against their tips. Such services include the Racing Post, and

Lists Available.

Not merely should a betting service proof their horse racing tips but also show a list of their previous tips. This can be done by a downloadable file (pdf etc) or a list upon their website. If they make it hard so that you can view such a list then what exactly are they trying to hide.


Any tipster giving horse racing tips that don’t have a website available even a simple someone to display their tips must be suspect.


Glossy brochures, enticing emails with lots of high priced winners should be considered very carefully.
Established tipsters can always be ‘googled’ to see if there are any good reviews.

Adverts that only show winners, particularly if they repeat those winners over several days. Its good sense you would say to show winning horse racing tips without those troublesome losers but its those losers that show how and where those winners come along.

Inside Information.

Mostly from the tea lady not the trainer.


Don’t let that good thing or temptation of profits rob you of common sense. Check and check again any horse racing tips service. View them over a period.

But remember nobody wins continuously, be patient and keep a god sized betting bank at least 40 points.

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