Is It Possible to Cheat Online Slots

Many gamblers wonder whether it’s possible to outsmart the technology behind online slots and ask themselves how to beat slots at the casino. Some are seeking magic tricks that could quickly bring big wins, while others focus on calculations and deciphering the patterns of how slot machines work. Initially, all of this seems extremely difficult at a glance since the outcomes of the overall game are programmed having an RNG, which can be tested regularly. Yet, there are always enthusiasts who believe that they may profit not merely from luck but also specific tools or exceptional math.

Offline Cheats

Realtime Gaming User of slots in real cheating is more common in land-based casinos joker123. Many techniques were invented in the first days of slot machines. Cunning gamblers used various devices to obtain payouts, such as the so-called monkey’s paw (a metal string inserted right into a slot machine to find the switch for issuing coins) or perhaps a coin on a chain (after each round, it would be returned and used again). The former was created by Tommy Glenn Carmichael, who bought a position machine and deconstructed it from a technical perspective. Many tried to complete the same; for instance, Dennis Nikrasch was able to reprogram a machine to obtain jackpots.

You have to know that none of the methods could be applied today, with games being highly computerized and casinos are fully aware of possible tricks. It doesn’t show that today’s machines don’t have any flaws (there is something), but it’s clear there are no unbeatable tools for cheating a position machine.

Software Programs

In regards to online slots, it’s even trickier. Again, no magic solution would bring you huge payouts. You may see software packages that claim to cheat slots. For example, engines like those used for video gaming scan the procedure and tricks a position into delivering some bonuses. It’s better to avoid such programs; no matter what they promise, they are created to generate income on inexperienced players.


All slots are programmed using RNG, which defines the results of every spin. In online casinos, they’re regularly tested by special commissions. However, what we call a random number generator is truly a pseudo-random number generator. While the former doesn’t rely on algorithms (instead, it uses the info collected from the environment, for instance, from electromagnetic noise), the latter starts with a predefined value and then combines it with other inputs. There are several notorious stories about how people find bugs in PRNGs and make good money from them. However, this only indicated that the algorithm wasn’t secure enough. However, it didn’t open the best way to profitable fraud.



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