How to access the gutter

There are two ways to access the eaves, either via the ladder, until you reach the eaves, or reach it from the roof.

For safety reasons, it is advisable to carry out these operations in full light and in the absence of wind and/or rain. The heights are always considered, and getting very hurt is a moment: better not to risk.

As for the ways to reach the gutter, the latter will depend on the operations to be carried out. For example, to eliminate oxidative phenomena in different parts of the gutter, it could be more useful to go through the roof, if there is access to it: in this way, you can stroll along its entire length without continuous ups and downs to move one meter the ladder.

Otherwise, if after the first cleaning or polishing you want to use a pump to completely rinse the gutter, the ladder may be more useful: starting from a specific point, the water is passed all over the duct, without having to move the ladder.

For the final polishing (or in the case of aluminum gutters that must be painted periodically), it would be better to act from the roof, as it can slide along its entire length, but the lower portion should be done from below, therefore from the ladder. As a result, this final operation can be more tedious and annoying than expected, but it must be done both ways (or at least from the ladder for sure), in order to avoid noticing ‘holes’ that have not been treated.

Finally, we come to the cost of cleaning the gutters. If professional means are used by a team of workers, the price of cleaning the gutters will be between 300 and 400 euros, always taking into account the conditions in which the downspouts and their dimensions are placed: details that can cause the price to vary.


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