Compact Apartments: the advantages and why this type of property is a trend

The compact apartments meet a new lifestyle for Brazilians. This is because, with daily life increasingly busy and busy, the ideal property for young people is a practical apartment close to work. Thus, large spaces are not among the priorities of those who spend most of their time away from home. Residents look for a space that meets their basic needs like capital smart city islamabad, such as having a place to sleep, shower and have meals.

These new needs were reflected in the real estate market. The trend of compact apartments has created a niche aimed at the young adult audience. These young people, generally, are under 30 years old, have a fixed job, left their parents’ house to live alone, but have not yet started a family.

What are compact apartments?

Compact apartments are characterized mainly by their size. The average length is 45 square meters, usually with a bedroom or studio type. Due to the small size, construction companies that work with these units make up for the little space by creating shared areas. Thus, these developments have their own laundry in the condominium and rooms equipped with Wifi for everyone to use.

Compact apartments have also generated high demand in another market. The planned furniture becomes necessary when there is little space available and it needs to be used in the best possible way. Thus, companies specializing in furniture planning have been thinking about special products for studios and small apartments. In addition, services such as delivery of groceries and ready meals were also driven by this new lifestyle.

This property model is also a great investment opportunity. The cost-benefit is an attraction, since this type of enterprise has lower values ​​and ensures high profitability for rental. These are properties with a privileged location, close to shopping centers or universities, and which offer a lot of practicality, which increases the demand for their units and makes it possible to charge rents with values ​​above the average percentage due to their appreciation.

Those looking for compact apartments most are young students. That’s because they look for places close to universities or their internship location. In addition to them, successful young professionals are also looking for these ventures a lot. This is because, normally, these people are already consolidated in the market, but they have not yet constituted a family, so they do not need large spaces. These people spend most of their time away from home, for work or for leisure.

The main features of a compact apartment

Reduced floor area

The size of a compact apartment can vary, but as its name suggests, we are talking about residences with reduced spaces. However, it is important to note that a compact apartment is not synonymous with a lack of space. This is because, designers and architects have specialized in creating intelligent solutions for better use of available space.


As they are small constructions, it is normal that the strategy to acquire space is to integrate the rooms, reducing the number of walls. Thus, it is very common for compact apartments to have kitchenettes, or even full integration between all rooms, with no walls dividing the living room, bedroom and kitchen.

Prime location

The location is the main reason for the existence of this type of residence. Compact apartments tend to be close to many attractions such as shops, offices, markets, means of transport and major access roads.

Non-existent service area

Most Brazilian apartments have their own service area. However, due to the little space available in the compact apartments, the most usual is that the laundry is communal, that is, in common use by the residents of the condominium.

The advantages of compact apartments

The compact apartments are known for their practicality, location and offering a variety of convenience services. These are just some of the advantages of these ventures.

Modern condominiums

Due to the recent wave of compact apartments, these units tend to be new and consequently more modern constructions. The condominiums are increasingly modern and sophisticated, and are able to optimize the use of space in keeping with the contemporary lifestyle.


In addition to the reduced apartment environments, the architectural projects of the condominiums that offer compact apartments focus on shared leisure services. This encourages residents to take advantage of the outdoor areas.

Meets new realities

People’s routine has been changing and so has the way of working. Thus, coworkings reached residential condominiums and gained prominence with the appreciation of the home office. For compact apartments, there is a difficulty in setting up a home office and, therefore, these collective work spaces are very common in condominiums with compact apartments. The rooms are equipped with Wifi, air conditioning and other attractions.

Low maintenance

The expenses for compact apartments are lower, starting with the value of the property tax. In addition, we are also talking about properties that require little maintenance. That’s because, there is not much equipment and facilities, which facilitates repairs. In addition, the residents’ own profile contributes to this, since spending less time at home, the preservation of the residence is greater.


Cleaning and organizing a compact apartment requires less cost and time from the resident. This is due to its size and quantity of furniture. In addition, many residents of these properties choose to hire third-party cleaning services, which makes the process even simpler. Another point where we observe this practicality is when it comes to organizing a change. With few or no rooms, it is much easier to box all your belongings.

Compact apartment furniture: versatility in your home

The compactly decorated apartments are highly sought after by young people with a busy lifestyle, who do not seek to spend much time at home. Thus, many entrepreneurs seek to invest in this type of property to later rent. Thus, the ideal is that the decoration is as simple as possible. In this way, the new resident manages to give touches of his identity in the decoration, but without much effort or major changes.

The ideal time to furnish and decorate a compact apartment is to opt for the planned furniture. They are versatile and optimize the environment, in order to make the best use of all available space. Bet on furniture that allows you to embed appliances such as the stove or the refrigerator.

If you have just moved into a compact apartment the main tip to start your decoration is to get rid of excess. In small apartments, the less is more, since many objects can load the environment and further reduce the space. In addition, bet on a color palette that helps to enlarge the environment. There are also several ways to mix colors and formats so that the impression is that of a wider environment.

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