A Quick Guide To Foamex Board And Its Advantages!

You are managing a big business and need to promote your company in your city, local areas or need something special to decorate the wall of your house and offices or When It comes to big hoardings, posters, banners, or Photographic prints. Foamex Board printing is the best option available for it. Foamex board is a kind of lightweight and durable material that can easily available in many sizes or can be customized in different sizes. It is the favourite material for all the business as it is very cost-effective made up of polystyrene clad which is covered with two sheets of matte paper. It’s the material that can last for longer periods that allows it to be visible for many years to convey the message for your business. It’s a perfect marketing tool used for big conference meetings or shows to showcase your message loud and clear. There are so many advantages of Foamex Board that’s make it useful for many businesses and personal events.

Advantages of Foamex Board:

For displaying High-quality images, there is no better deal than Foamex even when you are considering the hoarding printing for marketing purpose. The versatility of the material makes it one of the special for the usage of sign and display with lots more benefits. It’s Some of the advantages.

  1. Adhesive Friendly- Foamex board prints or posters can easily be mounted on walls with the usage of removable adhesives to display them as it’s a very lightweight material. The adhesive material cannot cause any permanent damage to the wall surface area or poster to ensure that it stays longer and easy to remove when required.
  2. Lightweight- This kind of board printings are light because the material used for making these boards are lightweight foams which are scientifically known as polystyrene provides great versatility and are easy to transport. For personal events, big community gatherings, big conference meetings, or advertisement purposes, these Foamex boards are frequently used material for the long-term display of products to show and sell them in various localities.
  3. Easy To Cut & Print- The Foamex Board Printing can easily be customized in any shape and size to print high-quality posters and banners for Business marketing purposes, family portraits, school projects, or artworks at pocket-friendly rates. First designs and photos get directly printed on the Foamex board and then cut into the sizes you want.
  4. Cost-Effective- Foamex board posters work within your budgets if you are looking for printing several posters for your company. This printing doesn’t cost you much for the marketing you got from these posters and provides you with the options for the best range of colours and customization of posters, which is easy to manage.
  5. Attention-Grabbing- These big posters, hoarding, or banners with great design and good use of colours surely grabs the attention of the customers and near-future prospects for your company. Foamex board posters can be used to advertise your products or service during events or conferences which helps you to keep in the race with other competitors.
  6. Heavy Duty Poster Board- Foamex printing is very sturdy compared to other kinds of boards that are very flexible and has no strong base to keep balance. These boards are used to make hard poster boards. These are strong, cannot be easily bent, and stays straight after hanging.
  7. Imagery- Foamex board poster can be used to print a large-scale image directly to the material and provides a kind of an attractive background image for your business logo or other related branding materials. These background images can be printed to the full scale of the Foamex board to give the appearance to your poster of a large photo on the display screen. It is one of the best ways to market your products or services as everyone can see and large posters grab the attention of people passing through at least once.

Last Words

For making your posters for a personal event, Banner for your company, or Promoting new products and for their marketing. Foamex Printing Company provides you with the service of any kind of Foam posters at a cost-effective price with customization.

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